Bridging the new
social internet

Bridgy Fed connects web sites, the fediverse, and Bluesky. You can use it to make your profile on one visible in another, follow people, see their posts, and reply and like and repost them. Interactions work in both directions as much as possible. See the docs for more info.

Got a web site? Enter it here to use it on the fediverse and Bluesky:

Got a fediverse account? Bridge it to Bluesky by following

Or, follow a web site like by searching for

Got a Bluesky account? Bridge it to the fediverse by following

Or, to follow a web site like, first enter it above, then search in Bluesky for

Bridgy Fed is a free, non-commercial, open source service. More background here. Bug reports, feature requests, and other feedback are welcome!